Our Story

The Original Confidence Creator for Men

It's not like you have a major problem or anything, all men are full of confidence and just need a boost to unleash it. Going out can be tough. Social anxiety is a real thing and it can ruin your game. In a bar, in a club or in the bedroom. 

We decided to change the game and make a natural enhancement that helped us in every way we needed. More libido, less inhibitions, relaxation, stimulation, self-esteem and a bit of energy. We then took it a step further, adding in the natural supplements that help us perform better in the bedroom.

We tested Stag Fuel on everyone from silver foxes to porn stars, refining and verifying the formula.

Then we noticed that there was no one else like us, so we had to make it available. 

Taking a Viagra can also pop an accidental boner if a soft breeze hits you, which is embarrassing. Poppers give you a wicked headache. Taking a shot of tequila before you go out can reduce your anxiety but also leads to getting effing wasted. 

This all seemed like absolute nonsense considering that there is an increasing proclivity of safe and healthy stimulants and supplements, which was the thinking behind our creating Stag Fuel. 

Better mood, more relaxed vibes in public, more energy, better sexual performance, and more stimulation in a bottle. There are no major side effects to Stag Fuel, but should you have any questions always consult your doctor before adding any supplements to your routine.