Our Ingredients

The key to our formula is in creating the perfect mixed blend of ingredients to bring forth all of the benefits of the supplement. We are part nootropic, part supplement, part stimulant. 

We've eliminated the negative side effects that are present in other enhancement drugs and supplements, minus a possible flushing of your cheeks in the case that you are very sensitive.

More pleasure, no drawbacks

Key ingredients:

Tribulus Terrestris, an aphrodisiac that increases libido and heightens your arousal. It can also help erectile dysfunction and infertility in men.

Copper Oxide increases sexual desire, improving blood flow, and may even make you feel hotter.

Fenugreek Extract raises testosterone to boost libido so you’re ready to go. Bonus points: it can help increase muscle mass during a workout.

Niacin helps you sustain harder erections. Regular use may also help with erectile dysfunction and give you a nice warm flush of virility, or sex glow.

Zinc Oxide supports production of key sex hormones like testosterone and prolactin. It is also shown to help you last longer and harder before you cum. It can also help erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Maca Powder is a powerful aphrodisiac that can enhance your sexual desire, strengthen your libido, and may even increase your sperm count. It can also help erectile dysfunction.

Tongkat Ali Powder works to reduce the stress or anxiety that you feel around sex by giving you a positive mood boost and lowering your stress-induced inhibitions. It also increases testosterone, enhances libido, heightens your sexual arousal, delays your ejaculation and improves the quality of your sperm. You will be relaxed and ready to buck your partner.

Horny Goat Weed Extract improves your sexual performance and enhances sexual desire by increasing blood flow and pumping virility into your manhood.  It can help with erectile dysfunction.

Panax Ginseng Root gives you an energy boost needed to make sex more enjoyable. It also amplifies the other stimulants for the best sex. The benefits of this can also help ED.

Caffeine Anhydrous a highly concentrated powder stimulant form of caffeine that can stimulate athletic performance, weight loss, and yes, power fucking. Whether you top or bottom, this ingredient keeps you engaged and active.


Given that our supplement is 100% natural and created entirely in the United States of America, it is not subjected to regulation by the Food and Drug Administration of the USA. That means that we are definitely not trying to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases, and that all of the information on this product has not only not been evaluated by the FDA, but that they're off worrying about drugs with side effects.